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Thai food company CP throws fan meeting in the metaverse

Thailand – CP, Thailand-based food company, has launched a new metaverse campaign in March for its product Sausage. CP Sausage used to have a fandom strategy every year in order to reach a new generation of consumers, this time, metaverse is making an entry. 


Yell Bangkok's CCO and Founder DISSARA UDOMDEJ to Join Lia’s Digital Jury

From local to international marketing festivals. Dissara Udomdej, CCO/ Founder, will be participating in the LIA’s Digital Jury for the first time. This is the first year that this small but growing Bangkok-based agency is going to be a part of LIA and also the only ASEAN juror in this category.


Advertising and Video Games: Kanokkan Rinnachit (Pare), GM of Yell Advertising

The metaverse is a graphically rich virtual world, where people can do the things humans like to do together in real life


Food Brand CP Heads to the Metaverse with Spicy Bologna MewTaverse Party

Even in the midst of Metaverse trends, thinking about the behaviour of the target audience before planning comprehensive marketing in the offline area contributing to visibility is something that should not be overlooked. 


What’s behind CP’s successful Metaverse campaign?

All of these happened at the CP Bologna Mewtaverse’s, CP Foods’ Metaverse Event, massive success backed by the excessive power of fandom marketing! How did Yell Advertising, the agency that oversees the campaign, make it happen? 

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