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Creativity Worth Shouting About: Yell’s Kavin Viasuwan on Mosquitos, the Metaverse, and Thai Talent

Have you ever seen a life-sized mosquito on the hunt for human blood? No? Sounds quite scary doesn’t it? Only a skilled creative agency like Yell Advertising Bangkok could formulate a light-hearted and humorous 3 minute approach to such an off-the-wall idea. The agency’s infamous ‘Say Goodbye to Thai Mosquitos’ mockumentary style spot for Soffell resonated with consumers around the globe, despite its distinctly Thai sense of humour.  


The best ad campaigns in health and beauty categories this month from around the world

Yell Advertising’s humorous campaign for mosquito repellant Soffell, warns all mosquitos that their worst day is here, as Soffell's new scent is pleasing to a human, bad for a mosquito.


Meet The LIA 2022 Creative Liaisons Mentees and Coaches From Asia

This year 43 mentees and 25 coaches from Asia will be participating in London International Awards, Creative LIAisons educational program. The program’s goal is to be the elite standard in creative coaching, helping to develop, educate, inspire and grow young creative talent.


Bossing It: Peeradon Gabriel on the Power of Positivity

An advertising executive with over 20 years of experience, Yell’s managing director Peeradon Gabriel drives effective strategic change for his list of automotive and retail clientele. With time spent in multiple international network agencies, Peeradon brings his wealth of experience in consulting global and regional clients to Yell and established Yell Singapore in 2019 to drive business development to conquer the APAC market.


Unplug, Rest and Reset: Innovative Travel

A compilation of some of the most creative and innovative campaigns in the travel sector.

Before the pandemic, travel tour firm Love Andaman was humming with activity. But due to a higher demand than anticipated, the team was having a hard time promptly responding to inqueries. They even hired alternating teams and implemented a chatbot. However, it was unable to meet the insane demand during the high season. Once COVID hit, travel was obviously heavily affected, causing a completely seperate issue for Love Andaman.

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