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Dissara Udomdej 

CEO & Founder, Yell Bangkok

The founder of Yell Bangkok, an independent agency with most-awarded performance campaignin ASEAN in 2020-2021.


Tony K.J. Liu

Yell Global Advisory Board

The founder of aeiou Greater China, an extremely successful boutique agency that is also known as one of the hottest agencies in China.


Gordon Tan

Yell Global Advisory Board

A branding and marketing consultant with over 20 years of experience in industries such as entertainment, creative, technology, and many others around the world.


Tong Beng Sng

Yell Global Advisory Board

A multiple-international award-winner filmmaker from Singapore whose name ranked in the world’s top 100 directorslist.


Peeradon Gabriel

Managing Director, Yell Singapore

A high-experienced in consulting global and regional clients, driving Yell Singapore's business to succeed APAC market since 2019.


Kanokkan Rinnachit

Managing Director, Yell Bangkok

The longest-serving team member dedicated her management experience to growing Yell Bangkok business as a Managing Director.

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