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|    Have an understanding of Ads production and still images, live streaming and content creation.

|    Able to coordinate with internal teams.

|    Patient, able to stay up late and get up early. Be punctual and able to be the team’s positive energy.

|    Able to use Keynote / Photoshop / Illustrator program.

|    Ready to help with tasks other than their own work.

|    Get along with others easily, adaptable. Even without a team, you can work with others on your own.

|    Be optimistic, able to handle pressure in every way.

|    Be responsible, quick respond and active.


|    Good problem-solving skill, able to offer solutions to the team and client.

|    Have a good price negotiation skill.

|    Able to estimate the production cost such as video or still photo including the manufacture cost of various products.

|    Able to control the production process on your own. Including souvenir items as assigned.

|    Prepare financial documents, bills, etc.

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