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Breathtakingly Good Inhaler

Description :

Whenever you’re trapped in unwanted situations,
let’s take a deep breath, quality breath with Peppermint Field — aromatic inhalers with two breathtakingly good formulas. And to make sure the brand message stick, we turn it into a tune that the audience can sing along to. Peppermint Filed, Breathtakingly Good Inhaler.

Account Director : Chutikarn Ounhachoke

Senior Account Executive : Napatsorn Khonvai

Account Executive : Panisara Phoolpipat

Creative Director : Chalermpol Bowonruttanapran

Senior Copywriter : Panisara Mothong

Art Director : Pattanin Pattanangkura

Producer : Gamonbunya Yodcoo

Co-Producer : Pakchira Sathitsongthum

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