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Bilingual Copywriter

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          The position of a Copywriter entails crafting exquisite and sophisticated text that captivates and entices through various advertising channels, both in the digital realm and traditional mediums. As a distinguished professional in this role, your paramount responsibility will be to curate intriguing written content that effortlessly grabs the attention of the target audience. Drawing upon your unparalleled creative acumen, you will masterfully fashion compelling and persuasive messages that effectively convey the desired information or promotion.

          As a Copywriter of utmost refinement, your unwavering attention to detail and unwavering commitment to precision will set you apart. Exemplary proofreading skills will be indispensable to ensure flawless content that upholds the highest echelons of quality standards. By diligently scrutinizing and refining your work, you will elevate the readability and overall impact of the advertising materials to new heights of excellence.

          Furthermore, your role as a Copywriter may entail fruitful collaborations with esteemed members of the marketing or creative team. Through invigorating brainstorming sessions, engaging discussions, and invaluable feedback exchanges, you will harmoniously align your exquisite copy with the overarching campaign objectives and brand guidelines, transcending the ordinary to attain extraordinary results.


|    Proficiency in writing copy for various media platforms in both Thai and English is required. Additional proficiency in Chinese will be given special consideration.

|    Confident and capable of expressing your opinions effectively.

|    Possess a positive attitude towards work.

|    Strong communication skills and the ability to effectively clarify your work.

|    Open to receiving feedback and making necessary improvements.

|    Highly adaptable to different work environments and capable of working empathetically.

|    Display a talkative nature with a touch of humor.

|    Ability to collaborate with a team to meet deadlines.

|    Understanding of the advertising industry.

|    Familiarity with the role of a copywriter.

|    Keen eye for appreciating art and design.

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