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Ice-Type Deo Spray That’s it !

Description :

Extra-Ordinary, Perfect as you are different like no other, special up like
GATSBY Ice-Type Deo Spray. Don’t be over-acting, sprayed to prevent odor 
throughout the day. Keep a long-lasting fragrance and cools down the skin.

Account Manager : Pratarnporn Numphud

Account Executive : Nongluck Prukmasg

Strategic Planner  : Watcharapon Kittipodpong

Creative Director : Peeradon Kongphakdee

Senior Copywriter  : Sarunyu Kangwanrungruang

Art Director : Pondravin Sap-Anunkoon

Producer  : Gamonbunya Yodcoo

Co-Producer  : Pakchira Sathitsongthum

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